Screen Printing Service in Milwaukee

Looking for a screen printing service in Milwaukee for that classic look on your apparel? Dunn’s Sporting Goods is here to help! But first, some history! The age-old technique of screen printing dates back to the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279 AD), though today’s methods were not developed until the early 1910s, when printers began to experiment with various chemicals in the process. At Dunn’s, we are proud to continue the traditions of previous printers!

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Screen Printing & Graphic Design

Our professional design team will work alongside you to create the perfect look for your sporting goods. Our Graphic Design team works closely alongside you to adapt your personal design into a printable option so you are perfectly happy with the artwork. Once the design is completed to your approval, the artwork is sent to our in-house printing department. Having the printing done in-home allows for low-costs and quick turnarounds for your convenience in the Milwaukee area!

Quality Screen Printing Service in Milwaukee

Our printing services are straightforward and our team is efficient and well-trained. First, your artwork has to be printed onto screens. Each color in the artwork requires a different screen. These screens are then set up onto either our manual or automatic press. Your artwork is then printed onto your items, sent through dryers, and boxed away in preparation for you.  When you trust Dunn’s Sporting Goods as your screen printing service in Milwaukee, you can trust that it will be done professionally. Learn more about us here.

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